New55 COLOR - instant 4x5 print film

$ 75.00

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The first batch sold out in a very short time.  Thank you!

New55 COLOR is an instant 4x5 print film for use with a Polaroid 545 holder in a 4x5 camera.

We produced a limited number of hand-made boxes of New55 COLOR film, using a supply of original Polaroid film material provided to us by 20x24 Studios.  At the end of the run we found that we could make about a dozen more, so they are here for sale for immediate shipment to you.

Each box contains 5 packs; each pack produces one 4x5 color positive print.


  • Speed: ISO 150 (estimated);
  • Processing time: 2 minutes;
  • Film type: Color peelapart.


  • Insert the film packet into a 545 holder in the "L" position (ensuring lens side faces the lens); Pull out the Sleeve to the stop; Make your exposure;
  • Push the Sleeve back in to its starting position;
  • Move holder's Lever to the "P" position;
  • Pull the film packet through the holder smoothly and slowly - it should take about 1 second;
  • Place the film packet on a flat surface while Processing;
  • Remove the small silver Release Tape and pull the Tongue Assembly out of the Sleeve;
  • Peel off the Print.